Fantasy Gacha Carnival!

Clau Daggers' awesome post about the items from this event!

Gacha Key

Fuubutsu Dou Shop Location at event

The Gacha Prizes May:

- Rare - Hat
- Uniform - 1 of 4 colors
- Stone Stairs Base 
- Mesh Dirty feet
- Throwing Star - (Mouse look to throw) 
Face Mas & headband - (2 version)
* Secret Functional item hidden in one of the boxes

Visit the Fuubutsu Dou Main Shop: 

Onigashima Cave Hall Ruins

*Canimod windlight setting

*Coastal Afternoon - windlight setting

The set includes:

- Brick Block Path Cracked [Moss]
- Brick Block Path Cracked
- Stone Stairs Base 
- Busted stairs [dark]
- Onigashima Hall Block Wall 
Onigashima Hall Block Wall  Crumbling
- Bamboo Scaffolding 
- Broken Stone Lantern and Block Base  [animated fire] 
- Random Dusty Spider webs

** Inspired by the Kamishikimi Kumanoimasu Shrine.

At the main store these first group of the set can be purchased.

The set includes:

- Dilapidated stairs Li 1, 3 variety plus stone landing,
- Single lantern Li 1, Animated flame,
- Sloped Lantern group Li 6 Animated flame,
- Forest Torii Li 4, removable Shimenawa.

Visit it inworld:
Visit the Main Shop:

About the Forest:
The ground cover and autumn foliage, and most of the Onigashima Sim Landscape, are created by the amazingly talented Nadine Reverie.
There are loads of her forest and maritime pines items hanging around the sim.

Nadine's shop, 3D TREES  
Main Shop:

Interior structure pieces and accessories:

Doorway and bookcases 
Carved wood chest  writing station
Scrolls variety of arrangements
Wood stationary boxes and cases, variety sizes.  
accessories, hanging lanterns, desk candles, enza.

Info:  Sold in world at Fuubutsu Dou location on Onigashima Sim.

Fantasy Gacha Carnival
May Round!
Original Mesh Elven Clothes & Accessories 




 Enchanted Landscape Set

~* Introduction Price Only during EVENT! *~
[ Original mesh landscape set ]

Event Open!!


We Love Role Play Event

香道 / KŌDŌ

~* Introduction Price Only during WLRP EVENT! *~ 

[ Original mesh]

Item is available at Fuubutsu Dou
main shop location at Onigashima Sim.